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Why I am so passionate about working with veterans and current military

You should know, I am not from a military family. My grandpa on my dads side was in the military, and my uncle, on the same side, was as well. I had a couple cousins who were in the Army, but no siblings or parents were military. I almost joined the Marines in 2014, but that doesn’t count as anything. I learned the Marine ways of honor, courage, and commitment when I was training to become one of the worlds best. Although I never joined, ever since then, that time in my life has definitely molded me into the woman I have become. I want to thank my recruiter Gunny Sergeant Kaleb Wagy for being a great recruiter, and for being honest when it came to recruiting. No B.S. came out of that mans’ mouth. At the time, I had just graduated college for my massage degree, so once it came time to go to boot camp in October, I had a job in my field. I wasn’t ready to give that up for a life in the Marines, and that’s on me. I still regret never actually joining, but it was a great time of my life regardless.


I offer quite a discount for the veterans I work with. A normal 60 minute massage with me is $95.00 while veterans will pay only $65.00 for in-home massage, that’s a steal! Veterans have given enough for this country, they have worked their tails off, for the rest of us. Some, have completely ruined their bodies to allow us these freedoms we have today. The United States veterans have done so much for this country. I firmly believe that these wonderful men and women absolutely do not get the treatment and respect they need and deserve.

The previously mentioned things are why I offer such a great discount for my military and veterans. Eventually, when I get busy enough with my regular paying clients, my goal will be to allow veterans and military pay what they desire their session was worth to them. I understand that military and veterans do not get paid what they should be paid so, in order to best help them, I want to make massage and their well-being very easy and hassle free.

In my practice I want to touch as many lives as I possibly can. With that I want a lot of those lives to be military, Veterans, and first responders. I can only imagine the tolls these professions/careers take on a persons body. In my practice I allow a safe space for my clients to relax and sometimes they open up when normally they would never say the things they say to me. I hear all the time “I have no clue why I’m telling you this, but…” This is all because I hold that safe space within my practice. My massage sessions are a lot more than just massage, they allow my clients to let go and release as well as receive the body work they need. This is what I love most about massage and my practice.

A thought I had when I still worked at Massage Envy was, I should pursue a mental health degree as well, and couple massage and mental health therapy! I saw a lot of military personnel while working there, and I have always wanted to help them to the best of my abilities. I felt like this would be the best way to help them, but instead, I just allow that safe space for them to open up if they’d like. Anything said in my therapy space is safe and confidential. I do not judge a person who is on my massage table. What is said is kept between my clients and me.

On a finishing note, military veterans and current military personnel deserve better treatment, they can potentially suffer from so many things that we civilians can not imagine. There’s too many times I see a vet or active military woman or man say “I lost a good friend today… due to suicide..” this is something that needs to stop! In my practice, if I can, I will impact a veterans life so he or she will not seek that end. I think more businesses and people should do the same.